Welcome to Potomac Integrative Health!

Potomac Integrative Health is a family micropractice in Shepherdstown, West Virginia started by Dr. Dave Didden.  Dr. Dave grew up in Jefferson County, WV and both recieved his MD and completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Virginia.  He has been a physician for over 15 years and has practiced medicine locally since 2004.

What is a micropractice?

It's a sophisticated way of saying "I'm the only employee in this practice!" It's a great way to go for family practices, and it helps emphasize relationships in the caring of a patient.  Our intention is to create space and opportunity for health empowerment and healing. This may seem different compared to your "normal trip to the doctor," but that's because it IS different.

What is integrative health?

Dr. Dave considers his practice “integrative medicine” for several reasons.  He strives to integrate a “mind-body-spirit” approach into all therapeutic relationships.  He recommends patients consider a spectrum of treatment and prevention modalities, drawing on modern technocentric tools as well as traditional healing arts.  As far as ‘alternative medicine’ goes,  if a modality helps, it’s medicine; if it doesn’t help, it’s not an alternative.  Finally, Dr. Dave’s practice is integrative, because he repeatedly encourages patients to integrate THEMSELVES into the healing experience.  With guidance ranging from patient education about the statistics behind medical decision making to demonstrating and promoting relaxation techniques such as chi gong, Dr. Dave works to facilitate patient empowerment in the face of medical fragmentation.

Doctor Dave Didden